Nat Geo

Make The World Run More Smoothly / A Collage Series from National Geographic Magazines

20 digital archival prints in a boxed limited edition of 30. October 2018

Framed on white 11x12 inch paper the collage digital print size varies between 4x5 and 6x8 inches

Please inquire to see the additional prints in this series.


"The imagined worlds to which National Geographic gave its readers access were thus aided by the flexible epistemological boundaries between science and art, and between the realistic and romantic dimensions of photography."

-Stephanie L. Hawkins, American Iconographic, National Geographic and the Visual Imagination 


All of the content in this edition, including the title, Make the World Run More Smoothly, is sourced from my collection of over 100 years' worth of National Geographic magazines. I have always been drawn to the textured, expansive and remote imagery of the diverse landscapes Nat Geo captures. When I was young, the articles gave me a global sense of the world with the visual documentation of culture and the natural world as well as memorable content with high quality documentary photography.


In my series, the original collages have been translated into digital prints for the purpose of this edition. The individual images depict solitary figures along with human made objects and structures, layered over various landscapes. Multiple globes appear colliding through space to signify the unknown future for the planet. My collages are a search to salvage and recover fragments, abstract mind travels and romantic ruins in flux. I sift through content from many points in time to find meaning, repurpose spaces and illustrate movement and mobility.